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Hey, Check this out... I am now "ByteServing"... delivering PDF files for the Browser plug-ins for PDF Viewer. In other words, If you use Netscape 3.0, and have at least Acrobat reader installed, you do not need to wait to download the whole PDF file just the data for the page you are viewing with the plug-in. Adobe Acrobat makes all of this and more possible in a very Elegant, fast solution to web publishing/distribution. Try it out below... (The Looking Glass is over 2Mb... you can begin to read in literally seconds.)
You can download the Acrobat Reader 3.0.1 software here.

The Complete works of
Mr. William Shakespeare.
A fine usage of PDF.


All's Well That Ends Well

 As You Like It

 A Comedy of Errors


 Love's Labor's Lost

 Measure for Measure

 A Merchant of Venice

 The Merry Wives of Windsor

 A Midsummer Night's Dream

 Much Ado About Nothing

 The Taming of the Shrew

 The Tempest

 Troilus and Cressida

 Twelfth Night

 Two Gentlemen of Verona

 The Winter's Tale


 1 King Henry IV

 2 King Henry IV

 1 King Henry VI

 2 King Henry VI

 3 King Henry VI

 King Henry V

 King Henry VIII

 King John

 2 King Richard

 3 King Richard


 A Lover's Complaint

 The Rape of Lucrece

 Various Poetry

 Venus and Adonis



 Anthony and Cleopatra

 Julius Ceasar



 King Lear



 Pericles, Prince of Tyre

 Romeo and Juliet

 Timon of Athens

 Titus Andronicus


Here is a PDF file of
"Through the Looking Glass,
and what Alice found there."

often referred to as the
Adventures of
Alice in Wonderland.

The still very applicable...
Art Of War





A Little story about Expectation




And for the kiddies... A Little Aesops Fables


Here is my treatise on the PDF file and it's significance. (needs to be updated... Circa 1994-5, Still applicable however)

Here is a PDF file of some of my favorite sites (demonstrating the weblinking ability of PDF)

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