The PubWire Acrobat Resource Page

Fist lets get started with everything I can give you for free, to help you to become more familiar with what PDF is all about.

If you do not already have the Acrobat Reader 3.0, lets start there.

Also, a lot of the AV/Multimedia capabilities of Acrobat are dependant upon the QuickTime extension, available free from Apple... If you do not have QuickTime, please download it here:
Download Quicktime for Macintosh Download Quicktime for Windows 3.1 Download Quicktime for Windows 95/NT

If you already have gotten that far (or use Exchange 3.0 instead) click here for my opinions as to why the PDF file format holds so much promise as a means to publish information.

Now that you know what I feel is important about PDF...
Lets see a few examples of what this thing is so capable of:

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