Chris' Quicktime VR Experiment Page.

Here is a Quicktime VR object I created of the town I live in... Nashville, Tn.
(Taken from the Shelby Street Bridge)

The real fun begins when you download the objects below. They Require the use of a Quicktime VR player. If you do not already have one... If you already have Quicktime VR capabilities... proceed to the download section at the bottom of this page... Otherwise....

Go here to use the Plug in for Netscape 3.0 Mac & PC:

Probably the easiest way to view these files is to use the Quicktime VR player,
or the Plug-IN for Netscape Navigator...
available here for both Mac & PC:
Now here is the object. Download your platform preference...

The Mac Version (461,515 bytes...452K) NashPan.snm.sea.hqx
And a Windows version (315,089 bytes... 308K)

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