My Name is Chris Heric.

I am a digital pre-press/publishing consultant based in Nashville, Tennessee (when I am not on the road.)

I specialize in SWOP magazines, periodicals, commercial print media and digital production systems. I am extremely involved in the use of the Adobe PDF file format for electronic publishing and printing.
Adobe Acrobat is going to change the world.... Really....

I like: FujiChrome Velvia, Italian renaisance artwork, well designed typefaces, computers, A good PDF file, brewing my own beer, travel to distant lands, music of all types, learning for fun and turning people on to new, cool stuff. Above all, I am a man of science.

This is my first web site, and I would welcome any and all constructive criticism and advice from those who are more seasoned than I.

I like to take photographs and have a pretty nice collection of European travel photos in JPEG format. (Volume One) and (Volume Two)

Also, my pictures of a recent trip to China here!

If anybody would like to E-Mail me regarding these images or regarding perhaps contribution of high-quality PDF files or JPEG images.

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Special thanks to Leonardo da Vinci and Johannes Gutenburg, without their efforts, we would not be here now.